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Smart Home

Health, wellbeing, beautiful lighting — automatically adaptive to your individual needs.

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Lighting Design Projects

Architect, lighting designer or project owner? Add life to your lighting design projects.

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Product Development

Lighting or smart home manufacturer? Make your products adapt to your customer’s life.


Human centric lighting meets human centred design.

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Usability Design

Handsfree automation.
Carefree usability.

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Health Research

biodynamic lighting.

Usability Design

  • Holistic Automation

    For the right light at the right time aralys algorithms implement a broad field of dynamic influencing factors: According to time, environment and visual perception aralys refers to e.g. your circadian rhythm, social situation, cultural preferences and others.

  • 3D Ambiance Control

    Intelligent contrast control gives instant access to the percieved mood and depth of space. Beside brightness and colour, contrast is the third prerequisite for adjusting the lighting ambiance to your needs.

  • Flexible Installation

    aralys adaptive lighting solutions are designed to operate with the luminaires you love. Traditional or professional embedded LED fixtures, aralys fits in with your lighting set-up. Wireless technology enables construction free installation.

  • One Touch

    Looks like a switch, feels like a switch. Works like magic. aralys One Touch adds life to your switch by dynamic control algorithms. Adjust your lighting precisely with a single touch.

  • App Control

    Looks like an App, feels like a switch. Works like magic. aralys One Touch App combines intuitive switch operation with the power of gesture control.

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Health Research

  • The Key to Life Dynamics

    It is the constant variation of sunlight drives the dynamics of day-night and four seasons. Recent research in neuroscience discovered the “ipRGC” non-visual neurol channel in human retina. This “third eye” perceive the delicate shift of lighting and interpret as important biological information to modulate our hormonal balance.

  • Medical Benefits of aralys system

    Different to the traditional static artificial light, aralys organic lighting system is designed based on medical science and programmed to organic algorithms. This bio-dynamics stimulate a more natural awake-sleep and work-rest rhythm. Working with academic institutes*, aralys conducts first-hand health researches for your lighting environment.

    *aralys works with Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands and University of Wismar, Germany

  • Applications for your Professional Performance

    Improve acute professional performance with aralys Adaptive Lighting System in your:
    Office: Maximize working efficiency and wellbeing
    School: Shifting focus and creativity accordingly
    Hotel/Aircraft Cabinet: Rest better and minimize jetlag

  • Applications for your Chronic Wellbeing

    Promote your chronic wellbeing with aralys evidence-based lighting system in:
    Residential: Home light therapy for emotion managements
    Senior Housing: Assist to synchronize biological rhythm
    Hospital: Feels better, sleeps deeper and recover faster

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Latest news and events from aralys


Visit our new office at "Tag der Architektur 2017“

We have moved into Modulbüro - Due to its historic and exemplary architectural features, the bunker is listed as a part of Nordrhein-Westfalen "Architecture Day”.


Corporative Member of LiTG e.V.

aralys joins LITG. The Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e. V. (LiTG) with more than 100 years of tradition is a dynamic network and knowledge platform for all parties interested in lighting.


Wismar University & aralys working on the future of light

Supervised by Prof. V. Zölch and Prof. H.Schellhorn, 15 Wismar University’s design students developed new approaches of future interaction between human und artificial lighting - based on aralys’ control procedure.


Beyond Style – Design Exhibition Review

aralys exhibited with Vitra and Flos, receiving 350 guests at the vernissage. During 12 days the first adaptive lighting system has been presented to 1.500 architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and project owners.


New Distribution Partner for the Chinese Market

We are looking forward to a promising cooperation with our new distribution partner and dealer Huah Lighting Technology Co., Ltd for the Chinese market.


Speaking at Smart Lighting Conference 2017

aralys' co-founder Benjamin Rubertus has been invited to speak about Adaptive Lighting – The Complexity of Human Needs at Smart Lighting 2017, a premium-conference & expo on human centric lighting.
Hamburg, May 30 + 31st 2017.

We are exhibiting in Hangzhou, China

Experience the first adaptive lighting system in real case scenarios. Together with Flos and Vitra we warmly invite you to Beyond Style – Design Exhibition. Space 31, Hangzhou, China.
Dec 23th 2016—Jan 2nd 2017.

photo by Georg Hundt

We attended the Lightsymposium Wismar 2016

aralys’ Yike Pan presenting a lecture entitled An Integrative Medical Methodology in Light Research at Light Symposium Wismar 2016. Find the programme and all lectures archived at


5th International Lightsymposium Wismar 2016

LSW 2016 is a forum that brings together recent insights into the effects of healthy light and lighting in daily life with respect to research, theory, technologies, design, and applications. Oct 12th—14th 2016

About aralys

It’s about light

Encouraged in restoring awareness, appreciation and using manner of light, aralys uses the advances in digital lighting to promote convenience, social appreciation and health benefits of light. Our team is composed of lighting designers, illumination engineers, lighting researchers and product developers with experience and expertise in architectural lighting industry.


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