Perceptual Lighting Design

aralys assists architects and interior designers in biologically dynamic lighting design projects. With a professional background of architectural lighting design and an academic background of light and health research, aralys guarantee a qualified and customized lighting design meeting both aesthetic and biological needs.

Light & Health Research

As the research discovery in neural science and chronobiology goes further and deeper, aralys devotes in light and health research, especially in the improvement of biological performance, synchronization of human circadian rhythm and maintenance of chronic wellbeing. Keeping a close research contact with clinical hospitals and academic institutes, aralys assists lighting designers and architects with our solid research knowledge of light and health.

Dynamic Lighting Control

Light is being adaptive. aralys restores the true essence of light and tunes it’s nuance to match human needs by groundbreaking dynamic control. The automated system featuring individual 1-touch mood control will bring a life to the lighting environment and make adaptive lighting solutions come true.

Adaptive Lighting Solutions

The constant rotation and revolution of the Earth bring unceasing dynamic life towards our world.
Light as a main coordinator, synchronizes human biological activities according to the natural surrounds. Scientifically proven researches have shown that human beings do not only perceive light visually but physically as well. The biological function of light has been removed by the predominant static artificial lighting, which results in disturbing human circadian rhythm and harming chronic wellbeing.

Adaptive lighting solutions are designed not only for the visual function but also for adaption to social tasks and biological needs in a seamless manner. With innovative lighting control and profound light and health research, we provide a completely new lighting solution to meet the profound human needs by an adaptive lighting environment.

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